Burnout is a topic that people don’t want to talk about.  Individuals don’t want to admit to being burned out because that would show a weakness.  Managers don’t want to admit that their staff are burned out as that would indicate that they haven’t been able to manage the workload.  Businesses don’t want to admit […]

It’s all about Culture

Everything in an organization should be focused on value:  value to the shareholders, value to the public, value to the customers, value to the employee.  In order to generate that value, to create something that people want to have, you need to understand what it is people want or need and then create that item, whether it […]

Projects and Traffic Lights

It’s been a while since my last note and I would like to apologize.  NaNoWriMo kept me busy this month.  I successfully wrote more than 50,000 words (over 58K as of this writing) so I think November was a good month.  The side effect, however, was the lack of notes.  I’m here to rectify that. […]

Change takes time

There is the idea when when you stop telling people that you are changing then the change is done.  That by denying that you still changing you are somehow altering reality, making what you want a reality, as opposed to living in the real world. Change takes time.  The bigger the change the more time […]

Cloud Strategy

The cloud is at the same time, more important than you think, but less than you hope.  It holds tremendous potential for companies big and small, public and private.  But the cloud by itself is not a solution. People build solutions based on the capabilities and tools that cloud providers have for them.  Yes, you […]

Fundamental Problems

My apologies in advance to all of the accountants, financial analysts and “governance” people reading this:  you’re not going to like what I’m going to say. There is a fundamental disconnect in some companies with regard to the financing of IT products and the development of IT products.  Until that disconnect is resolved the organization […]