When "good enough" just isn’t.

My daughter went to an event put on by her school last week.  Called the “Enchanted Fall” the Edmonton Digital Arts College (previously known as Guru) it was an event where the students at EDAC could showcase their work.  My daughter decided, rather late in the game, that it would be nice to have business cards.  Because there is a Staples on the way home I figured it would be advantageous to order from Staples and then pick them up the next day.

I went to their website, ordered the “Same Day Business Cards” and, after ordering them Wednesday night, I went to pick them up on Thursday.  Here is what I wrote in the letter I dropped off with the Manager of Staples that night:

No cards were ready for us when we arrived at 5:30 PM. There was a record in the system of our having ordered the cards, but no business cards were waiting for us. The staff was quite apologetic and offered to print up some business cards, but they did note that the printer they used for business cards was not operational and that they would have to cut the cards by hand. If we could come back in 20 minutes they would have the cards ready.

We left and came back at 6:00 PM. The cards that they showed us were, to be brutally honest, of insufficient quality to use as any sort of business card. The cards were of different shapes and sizes and nowhere near the quality expected. They asked for one more chance and they were given one more chance. They took their time and did the best job they could and while the quality is probably “good enough” for this event, they will likely be tossed after the event while better cards are ordered. (I have included two samples of the business cards to show you that even after all their efforts the cards are still inconsistent. Closer, but still inconsistent.)

On Friday, the day of the event, I got a call at home saying that the business cards were ready and that I could pick them up at any time.  I am guessing her, but I think that the Manager of Staples had them put through their system so that they would get printed again.  Curious as to the quality of this latest batch I went and picked them up.

They were a higher quality than the batch produced on Thursday night BUT they were still below the quality that I expected.  The cards still had a slightly inconsistent size with some cards fractionally larger than others.  The cards themselves were larger than the standard business card and the printing was better than the previous night, but the trim job was just as bad.  Dark lines marking where the cuts were supposed to occur were still seen on the business cards.  The paper was of a higher quality (white as opposed to off-white/pink) than Thursday night and the printing was cleaner.

All in all it was a better job, but still not as good as I have seen from a myriad of other printers.  I chose Staples because of convenience.  I have now been shown that convenience should not be a factor in choosing where to get something printed.

I have learned my lesson:  Staples will not even be in the top 100 list when I am thinking of getting damn near anything printed.  The lack of care from the Staples staff (the first set of cards was pathetic and should never have been presented to a customer) and the lack of response from the Manager at Staples (while he may have had the order reprinted he did not contact me) has shown me that they don’t care for the product nor for the customer.

Goodbye Staples.

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