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  • Goals and Performance Reviews – Match Made in Hell?

    Goals and Performance Reviews – Match Made in Hell?

    In a cosmic sense of timing, I’m working through annual Performance reviews and at the same time I’m listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear. It may not seem like a direct link but he talked about the three layers of habits – Outcomes, Processes and Identity – and explained how approaching things differently changed…

  • How do bad decisions die?

    How do bad decisions die?

    It’s been a long time, a long time indeed. Probably too long. So what made me change my mind? What made me decide that another blog post was needed? Too many things really and not all of them are good. I seem to find that when things go south when things just seemed to be…

  • New provider … new focus

    New provider … new focus

    This is probably the fourth time that I have changed hosting providers over the past twenty years. Each time has been a pain and this one has not been any different. Things that should have gone smoothly have gone horribly wrong and things that I expected to go wrong went smoothly. It happens. Stay tuned…