Moving Traffic

unsplash-logoClem Onojeghuo Every so often I have to rant. I try to hold it in, but there are a couple of times each year when I get this urge and it always involves different people making my life miserable on the drive to work. Yup, the drive to work. … Continue reading

Little’s Law

Have you ever come across something that seems extraordinarily bizarre that you want to continue reading?  (No, Donald Trump tweets do not count.)  I was just checking through some email and I got a link to someone who was talking about Little's Law.   Apparently John Little came up … Continue reading

Another Infection

Last year, in August, my website was taken offline by my hosting provider as it was "infected".  I spent a couple of days cleaning it up, removing infected files and generally just trying to recover.  I had a process running that would back up my site every day and keep … Continue reading

Software Development Trends

Part of a printing press in the Musée des arts et métiers in Paris Sometimes these posts just write themselves.  I recently finished a series of posts on the book Accelerate.  Part of the book focuses on the Technology side of the equation, the things to do that will assist the developer in … Continue reading