Creativity In Little Pieces
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There is the false assumption that creativity occurs in big waves.  One minute everything is normal and the next minute there is a tsunami of creativity and life changes so fast that the pants you put on in the morning go out of style by noon.

Things don’t happen that way.

Granted, there are sometimes huge changes that overtake us, but they are usually the result of tens, hundreds, thousands of other changes that, combined together, create that tsunami.  I was reading an article from an author recently who talked about how it had taken him “eight years to become an overnight success“.

You’ve seen those buckets that when filled with a certain amount of water tip over and unleash their contents?  Like this one?  Change, as a result of creative influences, is kind of like that.  Each change adds some water to the bucket, but somewhere, sometime, there is a change that makes the bucket tip over and flood everyone.

Creativity does not need to be a big event for it to have a big impact.  Small events can lead up to a big change.  For instance, on a personal note I thought that I would create “A Writing Prompt A Day” for the entire year.  Essentially the first paragraph of a short story / flash fiction / novel.  The writing prompt needed to provide enough information that someone could take it and create a complete story around that introduction.

Approximately 100 – 120 words of creativity for 365 days.  It’s not a lot, but it is forcing me to be creative.  It is forcing me to come up with different things on a day to day basis.  It is allowing me to grow a little bit each day.  Just like adding water to the bucket.  And when that bucket overflows?  Either movie deals or a wet head, not sure which.

Challenge yourself to be creative.  Challenge yourself to do something that stretches your mind for just a couple of minutes, but do it often.  Do it for a long period of time and see what changes occur for you.

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