Stories are powerful things.  Even when they don’t connect with the user, they still draw them into a world of your making and give them a peak behind the curtain of your mind.  And when they do connect, when the reader is drawn so far in that they are in your story, that the lows and highs, the emotions, are something that they experience, those are transcendent moments that can change the dynamic between the reader and you or just in the reader themselves.  Those are the moments that writers live for.  Those are the moments that change agents live for.

A writer is essentially a change agent, they want to change your opinion about something, make you think about something differently, make you view reality through an altered lens.  A change agent wants to do the same thing.  They want to make you think about doing something differently, about approaching a task differently, about viewing the world through a lens that you may not have thought of before.

As some of you know I have been writing novels for the past few years.  NaNoWriMo (November) is a time where I sit down, think about a story that I want to tell and how to tell it.  But so far I’ve not been successful in telling a story that I want others to read.  And I think I’ve figured out the problem.  You see, my stories have a definite beginning, middle and end.  I have various moments that I want to emphasize and I wrap the rest of the story around those moments.  Characters change and people come out the end different than they were in the beginning.  But so what?  What am I trying to tell people?  What hidden meanings am I trying to expose?  Am I trying to show that the power of love can conquer all?  Am I trying to highlight the biases in our lives and how we can overcome those biases?

I don’t freaking know.

This is the major issue, my inability to tell a story within my story, present an idea that I want to advocate for, or against, and use the story to tell a story.  In some ways, it’s much like my telling a story of my writing a story to tell a story.  Inception anyone?

Stories are powerful.  They can wrap you up and make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable depending upon the intent of the storyteller.  But most importantly, good stories have a message, an enduring message that transcends the mere existence of the story and grabs the reader/listener by the heart/mind and makes them believe.

If just for a moment.

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