Happy Developer Data


Doesn’t everyone want their developers to be happy?

Stack Overflow is a site that allows developers to post questions and other developers to answer questions.  To be honest, sometimes the information on this site is more accurate than the manufacturer’s website on their own tools.  Sad, but true.  They’ve done an interesting thing:  they’ve uploaded all of their questions and answers into Google BigQuery for people to play around with.

So someone did.

They took a look at comments to determine if they could find out which developer “languages”/concepts had the happiest developers.  Interesting.  When people are happy, they’re happy, and in fairly significant numbers.  While we use a number of the top ten languages/concepts in-house, it was interesting to see where these free spirits seem to spend their time.  And, on the opposite side, we have the angriest languages/concepts.

It was interesting to note that developing for the iPhone seems to bring out both sets.  They were in the happiest group and they were in the angriest group.  That’s kind of similar to the way people use their apps on their phones:  they are either really happy or really angry.  Not a lot of middle ground.

So, does this lead to some pithy comment about coding languages and developer behaviour.  Nope, couldn’t think of one.  It does, however, show what happens when you take the data that you had locked up (Stack Overflow’s questions and answers) and open it up for everyone to look at.

I wonder what would happen if we opened up all of our data?

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