Making A Difference – Canadian Style
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Sometimes people ask me why I write these notes, why I “stick my head in the hangman’s noose”.  It’s sometimes difficult to put into words why we do things, just that they “feel right” or that something must be done to fight against the injustice.  The U.S. political landscape is full of this indignation and rebellion.  I saw a quote recently that exemplifies why I do it, why I stick my neck out there, not in an effort to get cut, but to encourage others to speak out.

The only thing necessary for evil is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke

I’m not saying that what I rail against is evil, my target is usually something that is “not right” and there’s a chasm of a difference.  Sometimes things are just wrong, the wrong path is chosen, the wrong decision made due to a lack of facts or perhaps the wrong question was answered.  Occasionally, however, a decision is made which is wrong, just wrong.  And you instinctively know that it’s wrong and you know that the people promoting the path are doing it not for the right reasons, but for their own personal gain.

Those are the times that people need to rally together and speak out, make their voices heard and work to change the decision.

But I’m not in a position of power, how can I make a difference?

All of us are in a position of power, all of us have the ability to influence others.  The fall of the Berlin Wall did not happen because of a concerted effort of powerful people, it happened because those who cared banded together.  It was the culmination of a series of events, each one started by ordinary people, that finally resulted in the fall of the wall.  The Arab Spring that occurred was as a result of a number of incidents that finally led to a change in the Middle East.  All of it led, not by people in power, but those who cared.

When I go home at night and see my daughters, I know that I want to give them a better world than what currently exists.  I want them to have freedom, equality, a sense of pride in who they are and where they come from.  I want them to look at me and say “Dad made a difference and so can I“.

And that is what Canadians do, we make a difference.  We may be a small country, but we an honorable, moral country that sometimes has to show the world the right path.  I’m proud to be Canadian and I’m proud of my part in helping right the wrongs around us.

Happy belated Canada Day!

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