Agile Framework

See if this tickles your fancy:

Lean-agile portfolios differ from traditional IT portfolios in several ways. They allow an agile enterprise to balance supply, demand, and cost in an effort to optimize IT output.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like what we want to do?  Optimize IT output?  The article, “The lean-agile portfolio: A primer“, was written by Colin O’Neill who helped co-develop the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), a system of using Agile for very large projects.  But that is a story for another day. Let’s get back to portfolio management.

There are so many things that need to be mentioned or at least highlighted.  Some of these are obvious items, but need to be emphasized, like the Supply/Demand/Cost triangle at the top of the post

It’s got all the buzzwords with regard to linking services to the overall objectives of the government:

It is, essentially, everything that we need when trying to manage a portfolio.  Oh, wait, there is one big impediment to handling our portfolios this way.  We’re not agile.  Sorry, I shouldn’t have led you down this garden path to show you the solution without making sure that you could actually travel down that path yourself.  So, backup and forget everything that you just read.

You don’t need to manage IT output more effectively.

You don’t need to provide businesses with more targeted capabilities.

You don’t need agile governance to make sure that the right strategic decisions are made by the right people.

You don’t need to ensure that projects are run effectively and monitored with the right KPIs.

You don’t need to invest strategically.

You do?  You need these things?  Well, then maybe you should look at Lean Portfolio Management.  Maybe you should talk to your boss and say “We need to be more effective.”  Maybe you should take a look at how different approaches can be effective.  And, what the heck, let’s completely toss our traditional approaches and adopt Lean-Agile.  Be careful though, there is a lot of heresy embedded within the concepts.  I mean, take a look at the first item alone and imagine how many people are going to say “But it can’t be done.”  Can’t or they don’t want it to be done?


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