NaNoWriMo Time!

It’s November 1, NaNoWriMo time.  For those that aren’t aware, November is the time when over 300,000 people try to write a 50.,000-word novel.  November only has 30 days so that means a pace of 1,667 words per day.  And when viewed in that perspective it doesn’t seem like much.  I mean, I probably write that many words in emails every day.  Some days more.  And these daily notes?  500+ words.  But a novel?

A novel is different.  I’m not researching a topic or letting my views on a topic come forth.  (I seem to have a lot of views on a lot of different things, don’t I?) For a novel, I’m trying to imbue characters with life, make you want to love them or hate them.  I’m trying to make you feel something when you read the words, just not feel like you’re wasting your time.

So how do I do that?  Well, the most important thing is I need to stop doubting myself.  From previous years where I have been successful, and those where I haven’t, the key has been my belief in myself.  When I’ve felt confident I’ve been successful, but when that confidence has wavered … well, it hasn’t been pretty.  I need to understand that no one sees the words I write, the characters I create, the story I tell until I am ready to let them see it.  Until then it is just me and the computer and the computer ain’t saying a word.

So, I can be brave. I can be bold. I can have my characters be brave and bold as well.  Or scared and timid.  Or anything in between.  They are my characters, my friends, my daily companions for at least the next thirty days. They are my friends, all of them, both good and bad and not well rounded. I’m not looking for perfection.  Well, I think I am, I just need to understand that I’m not going to get perfection during November.  I’m going to get a story.  A story with holes and flaws and characters that annoy me.

But it’s my story and I’m going to be proud of it no matter how it turns out.  Forgive me if, for the month of November, I seem to be writing less of these notes.  Forgive me if, during a meeting, I suddenly start writing madly on my laptop, tablet or book, for I’ve just had an idea.  Hopefully, not an idea that is going to make me rewrite the book, but an idea nonetheless.

For added pressure, my stats can be found here.  I’ll see what I can do about keeping them up to date, but I’m either going to be so engrossed in writing that I’ve forgotten or so petrified that I haven’t written a word.  (I’m leaning towards forgetting, but who knows?

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