The End Is Nigh

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Have you ever been doing a job and then suddenly realize that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t where you want to be?  Have you ever been trying your best to make a difference, make a change that could help everyone, and then realize that no one else feels the same way?  Have you ever been climbing hurdle after hurdle, each one higher than the previous when you come across a hurdle so big that you lose all momentum, all desire?

Are you in the wrong job?  FastCompany wrote about “10 Signs You’re In The Wrong Job, And What To Do About It“.  Their signs are simple:

  1. You no longer believe in what the company does.
  2. Your job doesn’t tap into your natural abilities.
  3. You don’t understand the purpose of your job.
  4. You aren’t gaining new skills or you don’t feel challenged.
  5. You don’t find joy in the victories at work.
  6. You don’t feel your work is valued.
  7. You realize growth opportunities are severely limited.
  8. You hate it when a new acquaintance asks what you do.
  9. You’ve lost respect for your boss.
  10. You’ve got an “itch” for a new job that is overwhelming.

The article has three things that you need to do to take control.  The remedies are strictly with regard to you feeling that you’re in the wrong job.  What if you feel that you are in the right job at the right time, but the organization isn’t ready for you?  What do you do?

I would love for there to be a simple list that you could go to for help.  Business Insider has an article on “19 signs your company doesn’t care about you” but that doesn’t really cut as you know your company cares, it’s just that they don’t anything to improve.  It’s like beating your head against the wall.

You have options, but they are kind of limited:

  • Stay and see if things change
  • Accept that the company won’t change and stay
  • Leave

There may be other solutions but it really comes down to those three and everyone needs to take a look at their particular situation and see what they want to do.  There is no simple solution, there is no easy answer, it is always about each individual’s circumstances.  And while the FastCompany article is about something different, there is one statement that really strikes home:  own your own destiny.

In the long run each individual is responsible for their own future.  Figure out what you want and whether or not you can achieve it where you are.  That should help you with any decision you need to make.

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