Go Bold or Go Home

When i complain about other drivers and their inability to park (I used to leave postcards behind on their windshields, but it got expensive) my wife’s normal comment was something like “How does it impact you?  Why do you care?”

I care because their disrespect for others bleeds over into the rest of their life.  Have you ever been shoved out of the way with nary a comment from the person?  Have you ever had someone cut in line without asking you first?  Have you ever been behind someone with 20 items in the 7 items or less lane?

But’s more than just that, it’s the fact that when you stop caring about these things, about the small things, then it’s just a minor step to stop caring about the big things.  And if you stop caring about those items then you’re just existing, you’re not living or contributing.

Caring about things, being bold, enables a freedom that isn’t available in any other matter.  Being bold, espousing non-conformist ideas, challenges the mind and forces a person to think about what they are doing and how it affects others.

Being bold is about stretching yourself beyond the limits where you feel comfortable.  It means putting yourself at risk for the sake of others.

Being bold is about challenging the status quo and providing alternatives that are cogent and relative.  It is about looking at a problem from a perspective that is not normally taken and then viewing a new solution from that perspective.

Being bold is about challenging yourself to come out of your self-protective shell and live your life for and with others.  It’s about understanding that we live in a connected society, a connected world, where our decisions, or lack thereof, impact everyone around us, even those we can’t see.

Being bold is about doing what is right, not what is easy or simple.  Sometimes the right decision is the hardest to make, the hardest to come to grips with and the hardest to swallow.  But if it’s the right decision, can you really choose another?

Being bold is about voting in every election, even if you know your candidate is going to win/lose.  It’s about making a stand, making an impression, making a difference.  It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about integrity and caring.

Being bold is about sticking your neck, figuratively, on the line when presenting a viewpoint.  Most people don’t like the spotlight, don’t like the attention, but those are the people that need the spotlight and the attention as their words are too often muffled.

Being bold is about willing to suffer the abuse and criticism of others in order to build a better future, even if that future is just one person at a time.

We all make decisions in our lives that affect others.  We all have viewpoints on how we’d like the world to change.  Being bold is about understanding that there are others with the same ideas, the same philosophy, and that together you can make a difference.  The largest of revolutions started small.

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