Customer Feedback

Rob Bye

Customer service.  It seems kind of self-explanatory, doesn’t it?  You perform a service for a customer.  But what do you do after you perform the service?

Here is where many organizations fall down.  They’ve studied the manuals, gone to the courses, passed the requisite test and they know what needs to be done next:  survey time!

I wish I could have written the basis of the course.  Survey time is not what is supposed to come next.

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Think Of The Customer


I’m going to date myself with this story so just stay with me for a few minutes.

It was November of 1986 and I needed to pick up another suit.  The Hudson’s Bay store was having a sale so I went to the Southgate location and wandered around the suit section.  I was a little surprised that I wasn’t accosted by a sales person, but I kind of liked the fact that they left me alone.  After searching for about ten minutes I found a suit that I wanted to buy.  I had tried it on, but I needed someone to do the measurements for the hemming.  I started looking around for a sales person.  And I looked.  And I looked. Continue reading “Think Of The Customer”

Your Clients Want Pokemon Go
ColiNOOB (via Pixabay)

Imagine this conversation two years ago, no, two months ago, no, just last week:

So, I rushed home and told my wife that there was a lure at the church and we need to go before the time ran out.  She grabbed her phone and we went down the street to the Stop at the church and saw a lot of people in the parking lot.  This was going to be great.  So we stayed for a while, dropping incense, grabbing some loot from the Stop, and capturing all the critters that spawned.  And you know, it was right next to a Gym!  We saw the gym go from Blue to Red to Yellow and back to Blue with a beefed up Vaporeon at the top.  It was awesome.  Anyway, someone else dropped another lure but we needed to head home ’cause, well, dinner was ready, so we reluctantly said goodbye to the crowd and went home.

Darn, Pokemon Go is fun.

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