Confidence Come From Failures
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I was reading an article the other day that really resonated with me.  “Where Confidence Comes From” talks about how the author became confident in rock climbing through the repetition … of failing.  He became confident in his abilities by following this pattern:

  1. Climb one rung.
  2. Fall.
  3. Get back up.
  4. Repeat, adding a rung, until I reached the top.

He fell, deliberately, to get used to the sensations of falling and to experience what it felt like to fall. Continue reading “Confidence Come From Failures”

Innovation Engine Running on Empty

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Livemint pointed me to a research paper that said it is indeed becoming harder to achieve the innovation that everyone expects.  One of their findings is this:

“The number of researchers required today to achieve the famous doubling every two years of the density of computer chips is more than 18 times larger than the number required in the early 1970s.”

This isn’t the first article that I’ve read that says innovation is becoming more difficult.  But is it correct? Continue reading “Innovation Engine Running on Empty”


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Is there a difference between “intelligence” and “creativity”?  Many people seem to think so and based on anecdotal evidence you’d have to agree with them.  Creative people aren’t necessarily smarter than those around them (although they could be).  What they do is think differently than those around them.  Michael Michalko, in The Creativity Post, penned an article entitled “How Geniuses Think” in which he claims to have narrowed down the list of attributes on how a genius thinks differently than others.  I believe his list, however, can be shrunk even farther as many of the items are just rewritten versions of previous statements.  What it comes down to is this:

Geniuses, creative people, think differently.

Creativity is not about going from step A to step B to step C to step D.  It is about making a leap, in some cases a leap of faith, that you can get to the finish line by taking a different path.  Creative people have a strong belief . in themselves.  They think differently, they know they think differently but they also know that thinking differently isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
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