Leaders Or Managers

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If you’ve ever talked to me, read one of my notes, seen my picture in the post office, then you know that I have sometimes have strange ideas.  Some would say that I am “one brick short of a load” but I just consider myself “different”.  One of the areas where I am different is in the concept of a manager versus a leader. Continue reading “Leaders Or Managers”

Of Cattle Prods and Cars


Have you ever had a great idea . but the implementation kind of sucked?  I get those all the time.  Like, yesterday, while driving home, some … person … started crossing the street when the little walkie man said 3 seconds left.  3.  Three.  Trois.  Drei.  And they weren’t running across they street, they were walking.  Slowly.  So an idea came to me.  Cattle prods on the front of the car to hurry them along.  And now you see my problem.  How do I add so many cattle prods and still maintain the esthetic of the car? Continue reading “Of Cattle Prods and Cars”

A New Perspective

100 days.  Much has been made of this magic number.  People talk about what they are going to do in their first 100 days in office.  Or if they get a new position what they need to accomplish in their first 100 days.  Various research firms have talked about what a new CEO/CIO needs to do in their first 100 days.  Now, you can create as many lists as you like and talk to as many consultants as you want, but, to be honest, the 100-day limit is completely bogus. It’s an arbitrary number thought up by somebody at some point to essentially put a line in the sand saying “we’re here, where are we going to be in 100 days”. Continue reading “A New Perspective”

Technology Laggards

There is a concept of a “Technology Adoption Life Cycle“.  I’m sure you’ve seen it before, or at least a variation of it.

The bottom scale is the age of the technology from the beginning to it’s obsolescence.  The people getting on board early are the Innovators, followed by the Early Adopters and so on.  I didn’t know until I started researching it that it has actually been in existence for many years and the terms were originally defined by the North Central Rural Sociology Committee, Subcommittee for the Study of the Diffusion of Farm Practices.  It was interesting their definitions of the terms: Continue reading “Technology Laggards”

Follow The Rabbit

Valerie Hinojosa

The Internet allows you to go down rabbit holes and not even realize that you’ve done it.  So, I was reading a paper from Stanford University that talked about “Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find?”  (Their premise is “yes”.)  And then I read an article about “The Surprising Benefits of Being (Slightly) Crazy“.  There was a comment in the article about Temple Grandin revolutionizing the cattle industry and how she did this while being autistic. Continue reading “Follow The Rabbit”

Rebuild To Make It Better


Trust is an interesting thing.  Our society, by the way, we have designed it, places a lot of trust in people doing their jobs or doing the right thing.  For instance, have you thought about how many people you are trusting when you buy your coffee in the morning?  The grower, all of the people involved in the transport, the people at the processing plant, more transportation, the workers at the distribution centre, more transportation people and all of the employees at the coffee shop.  Hundreds, if not thousands of people had the opportunity to taint your coffee, to add something to it or do something wrong so that it wouldn’t be the coffee you expected.

But none of them did it.  You implicitly trusted them. Continue reading “Rebuild To Make It Better”

Decomposition (not that kind)

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OK, this note is technical in nature, but the lesson is applicable to virtually everything that we do.  So, if you can muddle through the geek speak I’ll have a present for you at the end.  Well, maybe not a present.  In the end you may know the answer already and I’m just repeating what you are mumbling in your sleep every night.  Not that I’m listening to you mumble but as long as you play Candy Crush just before going to bed … oh, never mind. Continue reading “Decomposition (not that kind)”

New world – old tech

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When I was younger, a lot younger, probably before some of you were even born, one of the phrases that I heard was:

That’s the way my dad did it and his dad before him.  If it was good enough for them it’s good enough for me.

The idea was that something that had been handed down for generations, a certain way of doing things, had to be good if it lasted for decades.  Oh my, how the world has changed. Continue reading “New world – old tech”

Jenga and IT


Do you remember Jenga?  You can still buy the game now, but  it doesn’t have the same impact it did “back in the good old days.”  Smartphones, gaming consoles, and the rise of personal computers have all hurt the game industry.  But, hey, apparently the game is apparently making a comeback.

Now let’s take IT for a second.  (Don’t worry, we’re going to get back to Jenga in a minute.) Continue reading “Jenga and IT”

Governance Is Not Management

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What is governance?

I think to a lot of people it is a kind of nebulous thing that sits out there and hits their hands when they are about to do something wrong.  For others, it is a strictly controlled and regimented structure in which everything needs to exist.  But what is governance?  Why do we need it?  And, more importantly, are we doing it correctly? Continue reading “Governance Is Not Management”