Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

(Wikimedia Commons)

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD).  That sounds so … fuzzy?

Let’s take a look at CI/CD from an industrialization of IT perspective.  Many of our apps are built in a “custom-built” style where a group of developers sit down and build all of the various pieces by hand.  Oh, occasionally a piece will be added that someone else built, either internally or externally, but by and large, it is a custom build.  You usually don’t even see the end product until it is finished.  In the CI/CD world, things are built incrementally, much like an assembly line.  Parts one and two go together and then part three is bolted on.  At any time you can take that product in the making and get it a spin.  Yeah, the analogy is getting pretty thin, so I think I’ll stop here and look at the pieces separately. Continue reading “Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment”